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6 Effective Daily Activities to Burn Calories

Burning body calories can not only be done through routine exercise in the gym. Besides exercising, there are actually a variety of daily activities that can also burn the body's calories. Daily activities, such as cooking and shopping, can be counted as physical activities that can burn calories, you know. But, you need to know the rules and duration needed, so that these activities are effective in burning the body's calories. Calorie Burning Activity Basically, you need to do regular physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day. You who find it hard to do it at once can divide it into 2-3 sessions with a duration of 10-15 minutes in each session. Some daily activities that you can do to burn the body's calories are: 1. Cooking People who weigh 70 kg can burn 80 calories in their body just by cooking for 30 minutes. This can happen because, without realizing there is a lot of physical activity that you can do while cooking, but enough to play a role in bur
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C'mon, Get to Know More About Helicopter Parenting

There are various types of parenting. One of them is the parenting style of the helicopter's parents. What does the helicopter look like? What is the impact on children's mental development? Come on, find out more about helicopter parenting style! Helicopter parents are another term for overprotective parents. Parents with helicopter parenting tend to overdo in protecting and managing all matters relating to children. Parenting Parents ‘Helicopter’ Parenting patterns of helicopter parents are usually caused by excessive parental worry, competition between parents, and fear of being ignored by children. Helicopter parents tend to 'shadow' the child in everything. Parenting helicopter parents can be applied at every age stage. Before school age, this parenting can be seen from the attitude of parents who never let children play alone or always direct the child's behavior. Then in school-age children, the helicopter upbringing includes determining the child

Don't Forced, These 7 Ways to Persuade Children to Take Medication

Persuading children to take medicine can be a difficult thing to do. But, with these seven tips, taking medicine can feel more fun for your child. Little is usually refused to take medicine for several reasons. For example, bad medicine taste and strong aroma. Even though at the time of illness, medicine is needed so that he recovers quickly. Various Ways Make It Easier for Children to Take Medication Some parents may force children to take medicine. In fact, this method is not good you know. The more a parent insists, it is not uncommon for children to reject it even more. Forcing him to take medicine can also make him traumatized taking medication in the future. Besides that, the result? Treatment actually becomes ineffective. At least, there are seven ways parents can persuade children to take medicine, namely: Give medicine with a taste that is loved by children If possible, Mother and Father can ask the doctor to give medicine with fruit taste that your child likes, l